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It’s a common error to overlook the value of your home, its contents, and your belongings; or that of your business, building and machinery. All too often, we only realise their full worth when they are stolen, lost, or irreparably damaged. With Quattro Sure, you get peace of mind alongside fully customised, competitive cover to suit your needs and assets.
Holding licenses with major insurance houses means that we can tailor our insurance products to your specifications. Acting as a comprehensive, self-sufficient brokerage house, we tackle all the necessary tasks including quotes, administration, underwriting and claims. And because we do this all on an in-house basis, every single Quattro Sure client gets the loyal, effective and personalised service that they deserve.

We review all portfolios annually to ensure that your needs are met and your expectations exceeded. For us, service should never be a privilege; it should come standard with every Quattro Sure experience. Want to get in touch?


Tax risk insurance is simply the most effective protection for you and your business if you are ever selected for an audit by SARS.

When you are covered by a tax risk insurance policy, your tax audit problem becomes the insurers problem, immediately. Critically for you, the cost of employing top tax specialists to defend your case are covered by your policy from the word go!

If you are selected for a SARS tax audit, tax risk insurance will appoint and pay for the team of tax professionals who will defend you. This may include Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Auditors, Tax Specialists and other Tax Advisors as may be required to ensure a fair audit outcome.

If you already have an accountant, he/she will become a central part of the team.

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