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Oct 25, 2021

Forex Market Report

In the world of an avid sports fan your life revolves around derby matches between your team and an old rival, and these flashpoints don’t come much bigger than India vs Pakistan in cricket or Liverpool vs Manchester United in football. So, with yesterday’s results being a 10-wicket thrashing by Pakistan, […]
Sep 15, 2021

What’s Up Wednesday (Video & Transcript): 15 September 2021

Questions addressed   After a rather volatile August the Rand seems to be drifting sideways so far in September.  What have our trading ranges been and is there any reason for this muted activity? As we know the Rand takes most of its direction from the Dollar and their recent data […]
Mar 10, 2021

Top 2 Tips to Hassle-Free Claims

  Top 2 Tips to Hassle-Free Claims At Quattro Sure  we are on your side & get your valid claims paid   A common frustration with short term insurance is usually around building insurance where insurers reject claims citing ‘maintenance issues’ or ‘incorrect construction’. As your short term broker, Quattro […]
Mar 3, 2021

What’s Up Wednesday (Video & Transcript): 3 March 2021

TRANSCRIPT Last week we spoke about the Budget Speech delivered by Tito Mboweni. How did things actually play out in the market after his speech? The initial reaction for the Rand was impressive as we strengthened significantly.  Tito surprised the market by not only scrapping R40bn worth of proposed tax […]
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