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Apr 23, 2021

Forex Market Report

    If you were clever enough to take Monday off work, then today marks the start of a four-day weekend so well done you! Looking back at the week gone by, it’s as if the Rand is already four days into its personal holiday, with movements in our exchange […]
Mar 17, 2021

What’s Up Wednesday (Video & Transcript): 17 March 2021

TRANSCRIPT It has been two weeks since we last caught up on the Rand and we were trading in the mid R14.90’s to the Dollar at that point.  Looking at the market today I see that we are still in that neighbourhood, has much happened or has the Rand been […]
Mar 10, 2021

Top 2 Tips to Hassle-Free Claims

  Top 2 Tips to Hassle-Free Claims At Quattro Sure  we are on your side & get your valid claims paid   A common frustration with short term insurance is usually around building insurance where insurers reject claims citing ‘maintenance issues’ or ‘incorrect construction’. As your short term broker, Quattro […]
Mar 3, 2021

What’s Up Wednesday (Video & Transcript): 3 March 2021

TRANSCRIPT Last week we spoke about the Budget Speech delivered by Tito Mboweni. How did things actually play out in the market after his speech? The initial reaction for the Rand was impressive as we strengthened significantly.  Tito surprised the market by not only scrapping R40bn worth of proposed tax […]
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