What are Employee Benefits and how do they work?

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What are Employee Benefits and how do they work?

Pension and Provident Funds, which are an important part of any Employee Benefits Scheme, are there to assist employees in providing for their retirement.

Employee Benefits Schemes provide valuable protection to the employee and the employer, as these benefits often include risk cover. Employee Benefits Schemes are also an important consideration when attracting and retaining key staff.

The Pension or Provident Fund is tailored to the needs of the company (employer) and its employees. An amount is contributed on behalf of each employee every month and this goes towards retirement savings by way of a payment which comes off their monthly salary or wage. This “pot” grows monthly through the contributions made by both the employees and the employer, as well as through the growth of the investment. The money accrued in this account is for the employee only.


When an employee leaves a company

When the employee leaves the company, the employee has the option of leaving their savings in the fund; to withdraw in cash; or to preserve their savings by transferring these funds to a new employer’s fund, a preservation fund or a Retirement Annuity.

If the employee decides to withdraw their funds rather than to preserve, these savings will be taxed, and the employee will be less likely to have sufficient savings when they reach retirement age.


There are significant advantages to saving through a retirement scheme rather than with after-tax money. This decision needs to be carefully considered and thus it is always advisable to seek expert advice.


Deciding on which retirement option is best for you can be very daunting, therefore it is important to speak to someone who understands your retirement requirements as well as how to tailor a retirement plan for you.

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