Coffee with Quattro: A new beginning or another tomorrow? So, the big question is, “what will be different next year?”

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Sep 14, 2020
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Jan 21, 2021

Coffee with Quattro

A new beginning or another tomorrow? So, the big question is, “what will be different next year?”

The year is almost behind us and so far, we have made it.

As the New Year approaches, we can feel the anticipation of kissing 2020 goodbye and welcoming “a new beginning to 2021.”

So, the big question is, “what will be different next year?”

The 1st of January 2021 is just another day which follows the 31st December 2020. “It is just another tomorrow” unless you plan to think and do things differently.


We all have a blank canvass in front of us for 2021, exciting, yet potentially intimidating too.


Decide what is important to you to achieve in the year ahead, write it down and plan it and include your loved ones in the planning.

If it is a family holiday, as an example, sit with your family, get a blank piece of paper, and write down what it is you want to do, where you will stay and when you will go. Include your whole family in the “family holiday plan”, let them be part of the planning of the goal, as there may be sacrifices that they need to make for you to achieve your family goal.

This principle applies to all your aspirations for 2021. Include those around you in your planning as we all need our friends, family, and colleagues’ support if we want to achieve and “enjoy achieving” our goals for 2021.

Planning goals in isolation can easily cause conflict in your family as your plans may not coincide with theirs, and clashes can arise purely because they do not understand your goals, why you want them and why they must make sacrifices.

Sacrifices could be things like the family “doing without” or simply not getting time with you because “you are always so busy”. This often leads to disappointment or dissatisfaction in working towards achieving your goals and in most cases, the goal becomes empty and never achieved.

Try something new, include your family and set family goals in all aspects of your lives.

Best wishes for 2021!
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