What is ‘Household Contents Cover’ and Why Do You Need It?

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Jul 16, 2020
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What is ‘Household Contents Cover’ and Why Do You Need It?

Do you have contents within your home or if you are renting, any items which make somewhere feel like home which you own?

When we think of Household Contents Cover, we usually only think of things like our TV or large electronic appliances, basic furniture items, kitchen appliances and maybe some collectibles. But do you know that Household Contents consists of all movable items, in and around your house? Household Contents includes items such as your kitchen appliances, clothing and accessories, collectible items (like records and wine), linen, décor, crockery & cutlery, outdoor garden furniture, the DIY tools in your garage and even the food in your freezer and grocery cupboards.

When we think of insurance, we often bemoan the cost of a premium as we always think, “what are the chances my house will flood, or my belongings will get damaged”. At Quattro Sure we need to tell you that this happens a lot more often than you think.


Are there any items within your home which you have not included in your Household Contents Cover? We recommend you update your policy and ensure it is covered.

If you are renting a home, which items do you own inside the house, flat or cottage that you have not insured? Remember, this includes your clothing and accessories, all your appliances and décor/furniture, as well as your food. If you have not insured your contents as per the above, then you would need to update your Household Contents Cover – call us to get started.


One of the most important things to remember when it comes to Household Contents Cover, is that you are insuring your items which can be moved in and around your home, in order to have your items replaced when stolen or damaged. These items need to be insured at their current replacement value (value at the time of a loss) and not the value that you paid for your items. Should you be under-insured at the time of loss, the insurer will apply what they term ‘average’. This means each claim will be paid at a ratio of the insured value, divided by the current replacement value of all your contents.


Getting Household Content Cover or updating your existing cover may seem daunting, but the fantastic team at Quattro Sure can ensure you are covered correctly at very competitive prices.

Ensure you are covered correctly. Contact Quattro Sure on 031 242 5100 or use the form below.



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